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A no-bullsh*t, fluff-free, values-directed intensive program that'll get your ABA brand on LOCK. A one-of-a-kind mentorship program that utilizes the science of behavior & modern technology to help you cultivate an incredible behavior business.

Who is this for?

Smash the misconception that self-employment is a recipe for failure.

Unlocking the Power of Social Media to build an audience and meaningful brand.

Welcome to an exclusive opportunity to revolutionize your brand's reach and impact. Natasha, a distinguished name in both the artistic and marketing realms, is ready to guide behavior brands and ABA businesses on an exhilarating journey through the realm of social media mastery.


In a world driven by digital engagement, establishing and fortifying your brand's presence is not just a choice – it's a necessity. Natasha brings her unparalleled expertise to the forefront, presenting a tailored program meticulously designed to empower you with the skills to launch, market, and curate a robust content strategy that resonates.

What is included?

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1 Year of Course Trainings

On-demand courses covering hot topics and behavior analytic strategy to marketing and business development.

Monthly Live Group Mentorship

Meet with Natasha and colleagues to discuss, brainstorm, and troubleshoot your strategy for marketing and business development.

Private Mastermind Group

Connect and network with other clinicians, ABA businesses, and entrepreneurs.

Monthly Topics

1 / Branding & Identity

Building an ABA brand or business transcends mere aesthetics. Our focus for clinicians and BCBAs is to reshape your perception of branding. Together, we'll uncover your "why," tap into your unique strengths, and then meticulously craft your narrative—positioning you as an authoritative figure in your field and establishing your distinct brand.

2 / Storytelling

Unlock the power of social media platforms to effectively convey your ABA brand's message. Develop a strategic blueprint for creating captivating, shareable content that tells your unique story and embodies your brand's mission, whether you are working to provide services or disseminate the science of behavior analysis. This strategic approach empowers you to cultivate a dedicated following and engage both potential clients and those seeking your unique offerings.

3 / Strategic Goal-Setting

Transforming ideas into reality is the cornerstone of an impactful brand. Learn the art of setting well-defined goals, prioritizing actions, and translating aspirations into tangible outcomes. This strategic approach enhances your professionalism and guides your efforts toward influencing and disseminating behavior analysis.

4 / From Idea to Launch

Taking your ABA brand online requires more than a simple website launch. Gain insights into creating opportunities, connecting with your target audience, and nurturing your email list—a crucial element for a successful launch. Whether you're launching a new ABA venture or expanding your established brand, this module provides indispensable guidance.

5 / Discovering Purpose

Delve deep into your journey, identifying obstacles that hinder your ABA brand's growth and identifying your values using ACT as the technology. Rethink and reestablish your work’s purpose, aligning it with the mission of behavior analysis and your personal values. By shifting from a reactive to a proactive mindset, you'll foster significant growth in your ABA brand—turning aspirations into impactful action.

6 / Effective ABA Marketing

Navigate the digital marketing landscape strategically, without overwhelming your audience. Cultivate a devoted following, amplify your brand's reach, and master the most effective methods for marketing your ABA expertise. By doing so, you'll cement your position as a thought leader in the field of behavior analysis.

7 / Plan Mapping

Balancing your time between your ABA business and personal life is essential. Learn to optimize your schedule on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. By effectively managing your time, you'll ensure consistent marketing efforts and a robust event calendar while maintaining a healthy equilibrium.

8 / Values-Directed Business

Nurture your creativity and authenticity by identifying and overcoming limiting beliefs and challenges. Bolster your creative energy through self-investment, ensuring that your ABA brand remains grounded in its core values and mission.

9 / Magnetic Branding

An engaged audience is pivotal for your ABA brand's success. Learn to leverage digital platforms to foster a dedicated fanbase, nurture an expanding email list, and target your desired audience. Develop VIP experiences that intrigue potential clients or behavior analysis enthusiasts, driving them to become a part of your brand's journey.

10 / Mastering Online Influence

Explore effective strategies for selling your ABA services online, generating passive income, and expanding your brand's presence beyond the digital realm. Create a sustainable career path while actively disseminating the principles of behavior analysis.

11 / Leveraging Content

Embrace the impactful potential of video—a dynamic tool for ABA professionals. Learn to craft compelling videos and leverage livestreaming to engage and educate your audience. Develop storytelling strategies through video and acquire the necessary tools to craft meaningful content.

12 / Long-term Vision

In this final phase, we revisit earlier modules to shape your long-term vision—a purpose-driven ABA brand. Craft strategies that transform your aspirations into reality, establishing a brand that carries significance and a legacy to be cherished by generations, while effectively drawing potential clients or disseminating the science of behavior analysis.

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3 Monthly Payments
$200 each month

  • 12 months of on-demand training

  • Monthly LIVE mentorship group

  • LIFETIME access to replays, courses, worksheets and other resources

  • Access to private mastermind group on Facebook


Full Payment
$600 ($1500 value)

  • 12 months of on-demand training

  • Monthly LIVE mentorship group

  • LIFETIME access to replays, courses, worksheets and other resources

  • Access to private mastermind group on Facebook

1st Wednesdays of Month, at 8pm EST

This program provide you with monthly CEs that deliver practical insight and unique expertise into the behavior analytic applications of social media, content development, and more.

Young Businesswomen

Learn from Natasha's personal experience

Artist. Entrepreneur. Author. Clinician.

Natasha's multi-faceted journey, encompassing the realms of artistry and marketing, uniquely positions her to offer insights that transcend traditional approaches. With her guidance, you're not just learning about social media—you're harnessing a holistic approach to branding that merges creativity and strategy seamlessly. Learn from her experience in the industry of marketing and business.

Natasha Bouchillon


ef1a6e_abdffbec8eac459fa2ab13db09423845~mv2 Small.jpeg

Cory Huff,
he Abundant Artist Host & Coach

Natasha has a deep understanding of social media and internet communities. She was one of the very first artists to take her art online and make a living from selling her art that way.


Natasha and I have collaborated on a number of projects.


I'd recommend her if you're looking for a creative with a deep understanding of how people connect and do business online.


Bonnie Glendinning,
Brand Manager

Natasha is the complete package of creative talent, tech savvy, innovative strategies, and a shrewd business woman.


She has the experience and know-how to build an engaged audience and strong customer base.


Natasha's responsiveness, agility, tenacity and willingness to experiment are keys to her professional success.

ef1a6e_3c705fd11ce44d3c999d0c063c99dde8~mv2 Small.jpeg

Rhiannon Smith,
Artist and Entrepreneur

need to tell you, I've been applying everything, ...taking MASSIVE action on it, and the results are absolutely amazing.


I am stunned at how much my business is growing each day.


I have tons of new fans on social media and I'm making more money than I have at any day job I've had.


  • Where do meetings take place?

    • All virtual meetings happen via Crowdcast or Google Meet.

  • What are the dates ?

    • Live Mastermind sessions occur every 1st Wednesdays of a month, unless specified

  • What materials will I need?
    • Basic webcam for joining in conversation (smartphone or computer)

  • Have more questions?

    Contact us at canvasaba@gmail

*Disclaimer: Buy joining, you understand that you am making a purchase for a service being provided either in person or virtually, physical items which are not being shipped, and payment is non-refundable.

Natasha is an Approved Continuing Education (ACE) (#IP-23-10195) provider and The Behavior Analyst Certification Board (“BACB”) does not sponsor, approve or endorse Natasha Bouchillon, Canvas ABA-Art, the materials, information or sessions identified herein.


The materials on this site are protected by copyright law. The material may not be reproduced or distributed, in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of Natasha Bouchillon and Canvas ABA, PLLC.

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