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Your BCBA Bestie

Meaningful, values-based consultation and mentorship for supporting your career development.

Having the mentorship you couldn't get at work.

This service is designed for ABA clinicians who seek support in their career path. 

About Natasha

Natasha Bouchillon, MS, BCBA is a Doctoral Candidate, clinician, trainer and supervisor with nearly a decade of experience in the field. Natasha's work as Behavior Scientist and Artist has led her to innovate applications of Behavior Analysis technologies and creative practice into both clinical and business settings. Natasha is dedicated to delivering quality supervision that empowers the future's great clinicians and analysts.  Learn more >

Natasha Bouchillon

About our offerings


Values-driven, progressive curriculum

At Canvas ABA-Art, we take pride in our dedication to the advancement of our science and the people we serve. We teach on the areas of compassionate, assent-based care, values-driven therapy models, and advanced ABA concepts such as RFT and ACT.



Acquiring the mentorship and support throughout your professional development can feel like a challenge sometimes. At Canvas, we provide 100% in every session, to facilitate your professional growth and meet your personal goals. 



Every supervised hour is $75 or $300 monthly (which equates to 4 hrs). You are able to accrue up to 20hrs min or 75 hrs max per supervisory period. This price matches the value we put into your supervisory experience.


How many hours can I obtain per month? 70 hours total including 4 hours of supervision (66 hrs)

How often do you meet with your supervisees? Once a month for 2 hour group and once per week for 30-45 min to meet board's 4 contact requirements for the supervisory period.

Can I work with another supervisor while working with you? Absolutely. The board encourages acquiring multiple supervision experiences to provide a more robust and well-rounded professional development experience. Remember that we will have a separate contract to meet the requirements of our own supervision (I.E., 5%, contacts, 1 client contact, 20 hour min).

What is your cancellation/ termination policy? We ask our supervisees to stay for a min 2 months, and then after that may discontinue supervision contract given a 14 day written notice.

Do I need to provide my own client to meet the client contact requirements? Yes, this is an important part of the process.

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