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Candy Cotton

Meet Ella.

Natasha's upcoming children's book & activity guide, "Ella's Colorful World" explores the ways in which Ella, an autistic child, connects with the world around her. Through the vibrant life of Ella, an autistic girl who sees the world in a uniquely beautiful way, this enchanting story celebrates the differences that make us all special and valuable.


Learn more about this unique book designed for caregivers and teachers.

Book is available worldwide June 2024!

Ella's Colorful World by Natasha Bouchillon

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About Ella's Colorful World

A heartwarming and illuminating journey to open hearts and minds of children.

Crafted with love and care, "Ella's Colorful World" is more than just a story; it's a tool for teaching empathy, understanding, and acceptance. With rich, colorful illustrations and engaging, thoughtful text, this book invites young readers to explore how everyone sees the world differently and why this diversity is something to be celebrated.

For Teachers:
This book is a perfect addition to any inclusive classroom library. It provides a gentle yet powerful way to discuss neurodiversity with students, encouraging them to appreciate and embrace individual differences. The "Did You Know?" sections serve as educational springboards for discussions on autism and sensory experiences, making complex concepts accessible and engaging for young minds.

For Parents:
"Ella's Colorful World" offers a poignant opportunity for families to explore the concept of neurodiversity together. It opens up conversations about empathy, friendship, and the beauty of seeing the world through someone else's eyes. The story also includes practical activities and tips to foster understanding and kindness, helping parents guide their children in building inclusive friendships.

Join Ella as she shares her colorful perspective, and let her story inspire your child or classroom to embrace every hue of human experience. "Ella's Colorful World" isn't just a book to be read—it's an experience to be shared, a lesson in love and acceptance that will resonate with readers of all ages. Welcome to Ella's world, where every color shines bright and every child feels seen.

What is included in book?

Did you know? Sections

Each page includes an educational springboard for discussion on autism and sensory expeirences, making complex concepts accessible and engaging for young minds.

5 Creative Activities

Practical activities and tips to foster understanding and kindness, helping caregivers and teachers guide children in building inclusive friendships. Perfect for a neurodiversity themed week to teach from the book.

By combining Ella's story with educational insights and interactive activities, we offer children a multifaceted learning experience. This approach encourages them to embrace neurodiversity, practice empathy, and engage in acts of kindness, fostering a more inclusive and understanding world.

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