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One-on-One Sessions

Based on assessment, specific goals will be targeted related to communication, independent leisure, flexibility, and adaption. A therapist or BCBA delivers the activities, with parent/caregiver present during session. Learner will create artwork that is utilized within the principles of ABA to learn these important skills.

Group Sessions

In group sessions, we work on ABA-specific groals based on the learner's assessment and goals of the group. This can be done with local peers and/or siblings based on the plan. Areas such as building social skills, perspective taking, team work, and communication are typically targeted in the group sessions. Learners will create their artwork along with peers within the scope of ABA treatment plan.

Parent/Child Sessions

Based on assessment and caregiver aspirations for the child, specific goals such as communication, independent leisure, and adaption are targeted during sessions. Goals specific to the caregiver and child participation are delivered. Learner and caregiver create artwork together during these sessions.

Current Locations

Currently, we serve the following Michigan locations and virtually.


Bay, Saginaw, Genesee, and Oakland County. 

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Serving: Bay, Saginaw, Genesee, & Oakland County Areas


Canvas ABA-Art In-home & Community Services


Monday - Thursday 9AM - 6PM

Fridays 9AM - 3PM

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