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Free Assessment

Find out if remote therapy is right for your child! Take this 10 minute questionnaire to help us identify potential needs and strengths that could be approached with our group programming or 1:1 therapy. After you complete this assessment, you'll receive a response from us with recommendations.

How does it work?


Free Assessment & Consultation

An initial assessment is taken online (above), followed by a 20 min consult with our BCBA, Natasha. We will go over your interest in services and determine next steps.


Full Skills Assessment

A virtual assessment/meeting with your child will be conducted to determine important skills we can work on and a treatment plan that best fits you and your child's needs. You will receive program/treatment recommendations that you can choose from.


Individualized Plan and Program Starts

An individualized plan is designed and sent for your approval. You then can sign up for sessions based on your choice.

ABA-Art Services


Canvas In-person or Virtual 1:1 Sessions

After completion of assessment process and individualized plan written, we work on a variety of targets to reach your goals. Learner will participate in creative sessions with BCBA to work on goals like flexibility, communication, desensitization, and independent leisure.


Sessions will be between 30min and 1 hour each.


Parent/Child Sessions

After completion of assessment and individualized plan, we will work on a variety of skill acquisition goals between parent and child. Parents participate in sessions.

Sessions will be between 30 min and 1 hour each.

Art Class

Canvas Virtual Group Sessions

This group-based program is designed for goals related to socialization, peer interaction, and communication skill acquisition. In this program, group based activities are conducted virtually and are enrichment-based.

Sessions will be between 45 min to 1.5 hours depending on age group.

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