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About Natasha

Natasha's work as Behavior Scientist and Artist has led her to innovate applications of Behavior Analysis technologies and creative practice into both clinical and business settings. She is the author of the books, "The ABA Exam Prep Coloring Book", the children's book, "I Want to Be a Behavior Analyst", as well as the first behavior analytic art curriculum, "Canvas" exclusively published through Emergent Press.

Art is the heritage of Michigan native, Natasha Bouchillon, who comes from a family of artists. Natasha began her full-time career as a painter and illustrator in 2004. Natasha has since sold over 2000 original works to private and corporate clients worldwide and has licensed art merchandise in big box stores and collectible brands.

Her artwork has been seen in television and Hollywood films, including ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and GSN’s Skin Wars: Fresh Paint Season 1 as well as major publications across the country. Natasha’s work extends to book illustration, digital design, and live art teaching. Natasha continues to create art in her spare time, working on NFT (non-fungible tokens) Artworks, within the crypto/blockchain art community.


Natasha founded Art Career Academy in 2011 and developed coursework for creatives to pursue their passions at the business level.


She holds an undergraduate degree in BS Applied Psychology from the University of Michigan, her MS in Psychology and Applied Behavior Analysis from Capella University, and has completed her Ph.D. coursework in Psychology and Behavior Analysis.

Natasha Painting her Art

(Above) Natasha in her studio. (Below) Her original art, the "Jeweled Trees" series was a popular collection worldwide.

Art by Natasha Bouchillon

Honoring all forms of play, communication, and learning styles.

Focus on regulation, connection, and communication.

Teach meaningful skills in more meaningful ways.

About Canvas ABA-Art


The Story

Behavior Analyst and Fine Artist, Natasha Bouchillon set out on a quest to fuse the transformative effects of art creation with the socially-significant grwth that she has witnessed impact so many lives that she has worked with. Her studies on ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) and RFT (Relational Frame Theory) were a huge component of the incredible improvement she saw occur in her client’s lives.


Every conversation or encounter that Natasha experienced led her to discover that Art and Behavior Analysis could be bridged to utilize these methodologies and theories to implement Art therapy in a fun, explorational experience for all.

Natasha is on a mission to equip and empower others with the love of art and comprehensive behavior analytic techniques to refocus and develop values-oriented individuals who are able to obtain their goals and dreams.

Our Mission

Enrichment, Values-Directed, Innovative

Unlike other therapy programs, our methodology involves the development of psychological flexibility and values-oriented repertoires through the utilization of behavioral science and ART. We seek to transform lives via an intervention-based approach that couples Mindfulness, ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy), Behavior Analysis, and Art-making to improve your creativity and overall trajectory. Canvas is designed to provide neuro-affirming treatment that is focused on regulation, connection, and communication through the exploration of Art and play. 

Our Vision

Creative Behavior aims to empower others to establish their creative practice, whether in the Arts or something more. We explore the relationship between behavior science and art to produce socially significant change in individual’s personal and professional journeys.


Our method is the practice of applying creative energy to reveal our personal goals, refocus our directive towards our values and develop action-oriented change. We believe that to be effective in our personal or professional life, we must understand what our goals, our strengths, and weaknesses. This will be key to developing an action plan that leads to success in whatever we focus on.

Our Philosophy

We honor all forms of play, communication, and learning styles.

We recognize that autistic individuals develop, learn, and communicate differently from others.

Through Canvas and Creative Behavior, we strive to honor individuals' deep interests while helping them explore potential new interests through Art.

We focus on a strength-based approach, celebrating each individual's accomplishments and supporting their unique selves. We provide services that support agency, dignity, and respect for all. We provide programs that equip clinicians, teachers, and caregivers to provide assent-based, compassionate care.

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