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Exclusive Services

I offer consultation, mentorship, and supplemental supervision. Contact us directly to inquire about these services. Parents who wish to seek consultation can use the free assessment on the Get Started page.

ABA-Art Mentorship

This service is designed for business owners and clinicians who seek support on developing a curriculum, staff training, templates, or similar utilizing an ABA-Art framework to enhance current clinical services.


Individual Clinician Mentorship

This service is designed for ABA clinicians who seek support in utilizing an ABA-Art framework to enhance current clinical practice.


This service is for ABA Graduates who seek supplemental supervision hours for unrestricted or potentially restricted fieldwork hours. This services is best designed for BACB trainees who already receive direct supervision through their employer and desire to enahnce their understanding of ABA-Art and Relational Frame Theory in practice.


*Trainee requires toa signed HIPAA release form from both client's caregiver and employer, should direct observation of a trainee working with client is conducted.


Caregiver Consultation for Clinical Support

This service is desigend for caregivers of neurodivergent children who seek clinical expertise to best support their child utilizing an ABA-Art framework. This service may include direct observation of child via virtual telehealth. We design individualized programming and recommendations that are individualized to child's unique needs and strengths.

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