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Creative behavior change,
in ACTion.

In our latest addition to the Canvas family, our ACT-Art program unveils a practical roadmap tailored for clinicians working with adolescents and adults to facilitate psychological flexibility and increase successful behaviors.

Book is available worldwide February 29th!

Curriculum Manual


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canvas act-art

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LIVE Canvas ACT-Art Certification Training On Demand

Take our Workshop training and get hands-on training on assessment and application of the Canvas ACT-Art Program.


What is Canvas ACT-Art?

ACT-Art Session Program

Book provides a session manual with 60 session lessons and accompanying processes to work on values-directed behavior and flexibility.

Caregiver Training Program

Book provides a program for faciliating an ACT-based treatment plan that supports the entire family.

Creative Solutions

A behavior analytic toolkit to individualize sessions for your client's unique needs and goals. Test current flexibility, target important goals, treat within your scope.

Data Collection & Analysis

Behavior analytic assessment, treatment, and progress analysis throughout the program starting on the first day. Data toolkit to monitor application and progress.

Infographics to Canvas ACT.png

The Canvas ACT-Art Session Process

Canvas provides a session process to integrate ACT and Art-based framework into your ABA sessions.


Canvas Caregiver Training Manual

Canvas ACT-Art provides a caregiver program, incorporating session outline, lessons, presentation tools, and take-home materials. Support the entire family unit in the process of therapy.

Painting Equipments

Who is Canvas ACT-Art for?

Canvas ACT-Art is designed for individuals to work through processes that increase psychological flexibility and values-directed behaviors.

Adolescents and adults with a complex verbal repertoire, the ability to derive relations and demonstrate metaphorical reasoning, speak about time-bound events, and demonstrate perspective within social constructs will benefit from the Canvas ACT-Art program.

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