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Build skills, creatively!

Unleash your inner artist and build skills in self-expression, communication, and connection.

Canvas Virtual:
Online Art Class For Kids 5+

Launches September 2023!


Live & On-Demand Classes

Learn at your own pace and time with on-demand classes taught by Natasha. Learn basic art techniques, connect ideas, and express your voice!


Private Facebook Group

Get access to the private class facebook group, where members can share artwork, ask questions, and check for announcements related to the class.


At Your Own Pace

Sessions can be completed on  your own time, when you want! Enjoy the ease of attending an online class without the hassle of adjusting your schedule.

Group Course Details:

  • Ongoing

  • 2x per month

  • Live (schedule TBD) / On-demand (Mondays)

  • 45-60 min per class

  • 5+ year olds (recommended)

  • $25 month

Natasha Bouchillon

Presented by Natasha Bouchillon,
Founder of Canvas Art-ABA.

Natasha Bouchillon, MS, BCBA, is a scientist-practitioner with over 20 years of professional experience in Fine Art. Natasha hosts this virtual program based on her one of a kind Behavior Analytic Art curriculum, Canvas.

Class Experience

Supplies Needed

Learning Objectives

Class Mode

Learner Requirements

In this weekly art class, young artists will create fun and exciting new projects with a functional theme! Every class will begin with a short introduction to the art concept of the week and materials needed. Students will follow step-by-step directions to draw our artwork of the day. We will make everything from landscapes and animals to still-lifes and more! Once we finish our drawing, we will paint our pictures in watercolors, which is an easy to apply and accessible art media for all ages. 

Directions will be simple and focused, supported with behavior principles that will facilitate creativity and flexibility. Canvas Virtual's goal is for all learners to have fun building creative flexibility and learning how to share their ideas while learning basic art skills. 

As learners work, I provide feedback, encouragement, and any additional prompts.

This class will require simple art materials:

  • Thick art paper (watercolor or wet media recommended).

  • Pencil with eraser

  • washable markers

  • black sharpie marker

  • watercolor set (Prang or Crayola recommended)

  • Watercolor brush

  • Container for water

  • Paper towels

  • Kraft paper or poster board to place under art paper (to protect your space)

  • Students will explore elements of art and relevant themes

  • Students will gain mastery of basic art techniques and vocabulary

  • Students will share their creativity and increase creative flexbility

  • Students will make contact with evidence-based techniques to build more communication, self-expression, and self-regulation skills using Art and Behavior Science.

  • Classes will be Live & on-demand. 

  • You will be able to access the lessons at any time.

  • Headphones or speakers

  • Adult/parent present who can help support where needed.

Learners will need to be the following for the class to be successfully completed.

  • Age 5 or higher

  • Can follow step by step directions or guidance by an adult/parent

  • Can answer questions (verbally, visually, or with gestures)

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